Daily Life Of A Quail

wuddup. ✌ dis my daily blog journal

September 12, 2014
-worked with Joe and Miry
-got home and worked on homework
-skyped with Alec and then Maddy joined us

September 11, 2014

I woke up sooo tired today ;___; I knew it was gonna feel super long too. uweeeh.
Meant to wake up early to work on homework but ended up laying in bed. I still was able to sketch a bit but I mean that’s if 5 minutes before class helps… Left class early and sat with Saige by the photo cage. Marika found us and talked to us for a bit too before I left to catch the bus to go to work. That ride felt looooong, not only cuz I was late but kinda hungry and dizzy.
Got to work to find Miry and Joel joined us a bit later. I thought it’d be super busy today but it was def the complete opposite of that. At one point I even ordered a pizza that Joel and I ate on the floor. hahahha! It was a fun day at work. I even made an army of battle toads~
After work Tyler, Hannah, and I headed over to Saige and Katherine’s. We talked about 9/11 and watched the Flinstone’s. hahahaa! Went home and passed out the point I forgot to wear my mouth guard -___-

September 10, 2014
Woke up with really bad allergies so I laid in bed probably longer then I should have… But I was looking at my old 365 and decides I wanted to try it again. I like being able to look back on days I wouldn’t of remembered small details of otherwise. So here goes~
I got a letter in the mail from Alec. It was some JJBA buttons for my birthday! <33 SO HAPPY.
Today was a long day of class, mostly because I didn’t finish my homework that was due today. But before class Krista and I had a dance party which was very much needed! <3
Somehow I finished my writing in time, worked on my thesis sketchbook during writing, and got that done in time as well. GO QUINNY.
During illustration, we had a logo critique and everyone was really pumped for mine. ;v; <3 It made me so happy to be singled out as making something good. Let’s keep that ball rolling~
Got home to see find Saige over. Hung out for a while before going to bed. I’m feeling pretty tired but have a long day tomorrow. :’c